Saturday, July 30, 2011


Did you know that cornbread could actually be naughty? Naughty because you can't just eat one piece. I like ordinary cornbread every now and then, but this ohh my! Mmmm! The recipe is feature in the Best Bites cookbook or on their blog. Here is the link to their blog

Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Like father, like son"

Jay enjoys shooting clays and now he is teaching Lane. Here they are trying out the new skeet shooter. Lane hit the third clay Jay threw him! That sure made Jay proud! Jay encouraged me to try.....the one who has hardly ever shot a gun....I hit the FIRST clay Jay threw!! I was amazed, maybe I can do this. Lane can join the 4H shooting club when he turns 9 next month. This could become a family sport as soon as Bryce can join in! Fun times!

Look to the far can see the orange clay split in two after he shot it.

Jay showing him how it is done......his clay, dead center and in many pieces!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Delicious new recipe

Spinach Chicken Stromboli from Our Best Bites Cookbook. This recipe is now on our top 10 list! If you don't have their cookbook it is worth buying. The recipes are husband and kid approved in our house! The boys love to dip their stromboli in a mix of marinara and alfredo sauce....really tasty!

Monday, July 11, 2011

13 Years!

since I said "I do" to this wonderful man! Time flies when life is wonderful!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Furry friends

Welcome to our newest furry friend, Midnight!

...and we can't forget Otis. He is such a great dog!


Silliness at Grandma and Grandpas!

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

The boys were spoiled during their stay with G and G. From the water park to Legoland they were completely entertained and loved! The highlight of the trip was Legoland......they were just spellbound and excited! we will have to go back sometime with the whole family to see it again!

Building with Grandpa.

DFW airport

Dallas skyline

Ranger Stadium

Farewell Seattle

The morning I left we visited the locks nearby and ate delicious fish sandwiches at a roadside dinner! Great food with great company! Farewell Seattle and thank you Laura for such a special time!

Yes, I ate all of it! It was delicious!

Seattle Getaway

Where do I trip to see Laura and Jon was wonderful! Good company, splendid weather, scrumptious food, and breathtaking sites.....the perfect vacation all alone. Someday Jay and I will bring the boys and share the beauty of the Northwest. My pictures are somewhat out of order. Laura had the grand tour planned from the Seattle skyline, to the Public market, Sculpture park, sunset at the Cascades, etc., etc.... Thanks my dear friends for a wonderful time!

The famous gum wall.

Sunset at the Cascades.

Lula and I, love her!!

The Space Needle

Our view one afternoon for a picnic lunch....perfect!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday times 2!

Bryce celebrated with G and G a few days late, but none the less exciting and fun! The hamburger cake was adorable and yummy as well! Thanks G and G! The boys then spent 4 days with them while I went to Seattle to visit my best friend, Laura. Pictures to come.

A builder in the making

My dad built this table for the boys several years ago to use for their Geotrack trains. It is now home to Bryce's Lego city. He has a lot more to add, we will post pictures when it is complete. In fact it has been moved to the living room because the workers stayed with us last week.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Party Time!

Bryce is obsessed with Lego's, so he requested a Lego themed party. With just a few boys we enjoyed the pool, pizza and a party!

My attempt at the Lego man.

After a bite of the cake! Love those green eyes!

Building with the edible Legos, they were pretty good to eat and fun to play with.

Bryce and his friends