Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lane's Graduation

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by. Both Lane and I have really enjoyed our new school and can't wait for little brother to join us this next August!!
The graduation was held at a nearby park.
Each child got a personalized towel and a t-shirt at the graduation. Plus, mommy got a wonderful scrapbook of the whole year. So PRICELESS!!
The whole graduating class.

The waterslide afterwards!!

Grass House

Day 9
Crazy how fast and well it grows on the sponges!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

All in a week's time....

The *Dirt Magnets*
Gavin spent the night last night....caught this of the boys in the tub. They are just about too BIG to all fit in there together!! They sure had fun with Daddy in the swimming pool yesterday evening. I didn't get any pictures, maybe I can today.
Our littlest graduate!! Bryce will be in Pre-Kindergarten next year at my school, but the daycare had a small patriotic ceremony on Thursday. What an adorable guy he is?!!! Lookin' so much like his Daddy!;)

Lane's Pre-K graduation will be this next Tuesday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anticipating a visit from the TOOTH FAIRY

Lane let daddy help him pull his FIRST tooth. What a fun event...brought back memories for both Jay and I. I think Lane was a little weary of whether it would hurt. He was pleasantly surprised, it didn't.;) He told us he was so happy that it didn't take his voice believe he was trying to tell us it didn't change the sound of his voice. :) He didn't cry about going to bed tonight knowing the Tooth Fairy only comes when you are sound asleep. Where did my baby go????.... it is hard to believe he is old enough to loose those "pearlies" we not so long ago were so excited to see poke through. :(

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Science Project

The boys and I started our grass house this morning. I did this with my 2nd grade class over the past month and it turned out so well!!:) Lane got to see it everyday in my room and even spray it several times for me. He asked to take the sponges home and do one with Bryce at home. I believe I posted this link a month or two ago, but I'll do it again. We will update you each week on our growing grass house. So be sure to check back!
For all the how-to's on this project go to:
Day 1

Friday, May 16, 2008


...we are ready to swim. Maybe not quite yet. It will take several hours to fill up and several days to warm up!! This was our project this evening.. a bigger, deeper pool. The boys are becoming such great swimmers and love to dive for diving sticks, perform somersaults(Lane), and swim underwater, we needed something deeper than two feet....... which we have had for the past two years. Both the boys are scheduled for swimming lessons the second week of June at the school pool. One of our first grade teachers teaches swimming lessons there the month of June. If you should stop by or call this summer and we don't answer, this is where you will find us. Plus, I'll have a real tan instead of one from the tanning salon. At least it is alittle more healthy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

On Friday morning all the preschool moms were invited for muffins and juice. Lane presented me with his gift.. his hand print on a large tile..could be used as a hot pad in the kitchen or at the table. Precious, because he will never be this size ever again. :( Then he showed me his drawing of me and the questions he answered. I loved how he even included the large bun on the top of my head. Jay says I look like Popeye's wife with the big arms and legs and tiny head. I will treasure this forever.
Mom still talks about my portrait of her I made in kindergarten. I drew large loop earrings and bright red lipstick on her lips. Where I got that....... I am not sure, but it brought a smile(of shock!!) to my mom that day and a laugh still to this day.

The sentences read as such....
My mom is 30 years old. (pretty close)
My mom cooks the best rolls. (I don't recall making them very often!)
When I am at school, my mom walks. (If I could do that all day, I'd be the size 6 I'd like to be!!):)
I love my mom because she does her job and I help her.(and that he does!)
It was very special to spend Mother's day with my grandmother, my mom, and my sister-n-law this year. Thanks mom for being such a wonderful role model to me, both as my mom and my friend once I was older. I hope to be as great a mom to my own boys! Thanks, Dad, Jeremy, and my hubby for cooking and serving us a wonderful meal on Sunday!! The dirty mashed potatoes and cauliflower casserole were sooo delicious. Happy Mother's Day!!

Grant's 1st Birthday .....

We all enjoyed celebrating Grant's 1st birthday at Dad and Mom's on Saturday. He will not be one until June 14th, but none of us will be up there to celebrate with them. He did not want to put his fingers in at first, but when he did he just threw it all over the table!! He wasn't to sure he wanted to eat it.

What am I suppose to do now......
Ewwww.. not to sure he wanted to touch it.
I love the hat with the fuzzy balls around it.
Just having fun making a "big" mess for mommy to clean up!!
Watching Grandpa cook steaks on the grill Sunday after meeting. Grant loves to be outside and it wasn't to long and he was resting on Grandpa's hip as he cooked.

Family Pictures!

This weekend we went to Mom and Dad's for family pictures and Mother's Day. Jeremy and Lisa flew in from Michigan for the event. Our pictures turned out awesome, despite the 94' weather and humidity. You can look at them by clicking on this link. Then go to gallery and then to preview and you will see our names. Now comes the hard part of picking just a few. Annie is going to send us a CD so we can see everyone's facial expressions and little details before we choose. I'll post more pictures from our weekend this evening.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Project

A BIG weekend for yard work. With the weather perfect we tackled the backyard beds and they turned out so well. :) Jay even rented an areator for the yard, which he has been working so hard at this spring. You can definetly tell by how nice and full it looks. While he did that, I went and picked out all the plants and shrubs at a nearby nursery and by 5:30 Saturday evening we were finished. Suprisingly, after planting approx. 35 shrubs, unloading and spreading 8 forty pound bags of topsoil and compost, plus helping Jay with the mulch, I was not that sore.;)
As I was working Lane told me what a good job I was doing and that he thought it looked really nice. Such a Sweet boy!!! I think he was suprised to see Mommy using the post hole digger and moving big bags of dirt around. Now I am motivated to start working on our front beds....they still need a lot of dirt work though.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Piled up....

This evening the boys were hauling all their things into our bedroom. Curious, I went to see what it was all about and this is what I found. :) Lanterns, pillows, blankets, and two sweet little boys. They asked if they could sleep there for the night......I am afraid they would eventually feel claustrophobic!!! The box and cords are part of our Sleep Number bed, hopefully it is still all working!!;)