Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puppy Love!

There is just something about puppies, I think no one can resist! Even their puppy breath is sweet! We are sure enjoying these fascinating little creatures. They are become much more active...on wobbly legs. They romp with each other and attempt to growl!! Hard to decide just which one to keep, wish they always stayed this small, cuddly and cute!

A boy and his puppies

Sorry this picture is sideways(blogger has been doing that recently). This is the poor ugly mother of the pups. Jay says you would think Buster could bring home something a little better than that!:-) Ha!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bryce's First Day of Kindergarten!

For more than a week Bryce has been wanting to go to school! Today he was able to join Lane and I on our daily trek to school. He was so excited when I woke him this morning, he was ready to go as soon as I helped him get dressed. He loved going to Art and P.E. for the first time and told us all about his day at dinner! He was very happy to see Lane after school. They have become each other's best friend and WORST enemy!! I am so glad he enjoyed his first day!

Bryce and Mrs. Ray

Brothers...ready for school! Do they looked tired or what??

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Lane!

Our precious Lane turned "7" yesterday! Happy Birthday Buddy! Where has time gone in these last 7 years. You are now more than half as tall as me, reading like a natural, loosing teeth in record numbers and loving every minute of it! We love you more and more, just wish we could stop time for a moment and treasure all of this as we should!! We love you bunches!!
His request was a Maggie Moos' ice cream cake. It was delicious!! He was quite surprised when he bit into the cake that it was so cold!! He also got a new 20' bike for his b-day from us. He was beginning to out grow his other and now Bryce is excited to be riding Lane's BIG bike! Everybody is happy! We took the boys to the NASCAR speedway in Monroe Saturday and boy was it fun. No Nascar vehicles, but great racing action!! They do have the Nascar Truck races there throughout the year.

A pro on his new bike!

A grown up boy!

Pretty cool bike!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Grade!

Today was Lane's first day of First Grade. He was so excited this morning he could hardly wait to leave. He pulled tooth #4 last night, so it made starting first grade even more fun to share that news with his friends! It is hard to believe our baby is growing up, literally....getting so tall!

Lane and Mrs. Adams

Friday, August 7, 2009


Our mama stray dog finally had her puppies! The boys have been so patient and now are so excited! They sit in front of the house and just watch. Such a fun experience for kids their age, glad it happened! We knew this was going to happen after she found her way here to our male, Buster. She had five puppies, but just three made it. I am kind of glad because we can find a home for two. We plan to keep one, probably the stripped one with the white belly(far right in next picture). All are little girls! I love the way they smell when they are puppies, so cute and cuddly!

Summer Party!

This past Tuesday each of the boys had a friend over. I decided since they both have summer b-day's we would just have a combined party/sleepover. I made hamburgers and fries from Bakerella's site. They played on the water slide, built Legos, had a campfire with hotdogs and smores, rode bikes, and just enjoyed each other. Momma was tired after all of this, but fun to see them enjoy!

Sorry it posted sideways!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun with cousins....

After a long and very rainy week, we headed to the Sci port Children's Museum with my sister-n-law, Gina and her three boys, Gavin, Gannon, and Aiden. My boys love going to see the IMAX movies and playing in the museum exhibits. We have been several times, but it is new all over again every time we go. They do have a few favorites we must do every time, the paddle boat, fish, the steam tornado, and many more. It was fun to share this experience with some of our family this time. Thanks for coming along, we had a great time!

Working hard in the plumbing truck...Bryce is even fanning himself with his hat.
Watching the GIGANTIC mousetrap gizmo in the front entrance. There are over 40 balls traveling through this contraption. They could literally stand and watch it for a good hour or more. I enjoy it myself.....found out this time that each section(there are three) cost $165,000. I think we will just stick with Mousetrap here at home!

Digging for fossils like the palaeontologists we saw in the IMAX movie, "Dinosaurs Alive".

Using the pulleys to lift themselves.

Future Astronaut..Lane

Future Astronaut...Bryce

Working hard on the electrical connections and the pulley.