Monday, October 29, 2007

A visit with Baby Grant

Jeremy and Lisa stopped as they made their way to N.O. on Monday night. We enjoyed supper and some quality time with our new nephew. After a day and a half in the car, Grant had just aboout had his limit. They have been living in Mich.. He managed some great smiles and belly laughs as he played that night. Almost rolling over for the first time!!!
The little man enjoying some freedom out of the car seat. He is such a delight!!
The boys and Grant!!! He laughed and they totally entertained each other for quite some time. We hope to see them quite a bit now that they are living alittle closer.:)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival was so much fun for Lane and I. The parents set up 10 different stations and they ranged from pony rides to mummy bowling. The only bad part was that it was only 48' that day and extremely windy!!! The children didn't seem to notice, but the adults sure knew it. It is so nice to teach at the same school as Lane, because they cover for me and I get to enjoy these type of activities. He was a Power Ranger, his mask didn't stay on very
long. :) Kinda hard to see.
The first station we started at was fishing. You can tell the EXCITEMENT was high!!!
Lane and his teacher Ms. Dance. She was beautiful as Mary Poppins.

The bouncer was so much fun, they definently got warmed up on it.

Lane's first pony ride!!

The bean bag toss.

Mummy bowling, these parents were so creative. This reminded me of our carnivals we used to have when I was in elementary school.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Swingset and fort

I am finally getting a chance to post some pictures of the boy's new swingset. Since Sunday it has been rainy and about 50'. It was dry enough for them to play again today. You can see the cows in the background. They come up whenever the boys come out and play. They have really taken an interest in them.
We are so busy this week it seems everything happens at once. Things are so busy at work and with two conventions this month, anything else just makes it crazy. We leave for Effie on Friday and look forward to wonderful days. It appears that the temps. will be quite cool!:) I just hope for NO rain!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Busy Saturday!!!

We have been having awesome fall weather, so today was the day we built the boys a new wooden swing set. It is an all day ordeal. :0 I will post pictures tomorrow, because it was dusk by time the kids were able to swing and play. I was motivated to clean out our laundry room/storage room with the weather being so nice. It is a seperate room from the house, so it collects a lot of junk, dirt, leaves, etc.. I have a pile going to the dumpster and some things going to Goodwill. ........We are looking forward to Jeremy, Lisa and Grant stopping by a week from Monday on their way to NO down south. I went through the boy's clothes today to send any that little Grant might be able to use with them. Looking ahead to next week, we'll plan to get the weekend of Effie. Have a great weekend!!:)

Monday, October 15, 2007

My new porch arrangement!!

A lady here in town made this new arrangement for the porch. I added a few things for fall to it. I love the big wrought iron wall pocket she put it in. I have been wanting something, but just not sure what.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


What wonderful days at Texarkana..... the weather and fellowship couldn't have been better!! Just a few picture to share from our days there.

All the cousins in their Sunday best.

Of course the biggest draw in the field is the creek. A pretty clear brook, just beckoning a little boy or girl to fall in. Luckily that wasn't one of ours this year!!:)

The kiddos love to go walking in the field. Here they are walking hand in hand, all except Chloe, who is walking with us.

The three boys in action on the tire swing. As we were getting ready for convention, Lane asked if this was the one with the swings? They don't forget. Before every mtg. the boys would say,"After this mtg. can we go to the swings?" It sure is nice to help them expend some energy and sit quietly during mtg. and give us a chance to visit with the other families as they do so.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New pictures on display

Before we head off to convention, I wanted to get these pictures posted. The kids are so excited about "bention".:) I know it will be wonderful, and the weather is to be also. Yeah!!
This summer on our trip to Michigan, we took some great shots at the Indiana/Michigan Dunes. I just got them ordered and framed. It is pretty neat having your own photography in your house. Of course I am not the best at it, luckily our camera is awesome!! These pictures our in the den.
While in Wisconsin, Auntie Bev bought me this sign " All because two people fell in love", so I have arranged the boys pictures from various years below it. They are the result of our falling in love, along with many other added bonuses!!:) I still have a few more pictures to add to finish it up.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cousin Fun!!

The boys love it when mtg. is at our house, so that the boys can play for a while. The mess is usually major, with four boys!! Today Lane and Bryce cleaned up the mess without much encouragement. They are so helpful most of the time1:) The boys are coloring on Lane's desk. They also drew on the wall. Momma quickly made them clean that up!!
Swinging on the porch swing. They all look so sweet!! (From left: Bryce, Gavin, Gannon, Lane)

After mtg. the boys were having great fun, working on the work bench. Gavin and Bryce are using the tape measures, while Lane works with the wrench.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Good Saturday morning to all!!

This is what Saturday morning looks like around here. Two little boys whispering and cuddled up under their blanket from gramma in the rocking chair. It quickly changes though, to such things as running and roaring, loud boy noises. The gleeful sounds of children!! Priceless!!( sometimes I don't feel that way;) )