Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quote for the Day

is a place we grow up wanting to leave, but grow old wanting to come back to.
This had such an impact on me as I read it on a frame today. It may not be the place, but the feeling of being at "home". It made me realize again that this world is not our home, but we have a heavenly home to go on to.

Man's best friend x 2!

This would be Buster, our "oh so laid back" pooch! He was our one and only until he brought home a friend. Jay says he is pretty sure this friend is somehow related to Buster! His long lost "cuz", whom we have named Dan!! He looks some like Buster and is just as easy going too. We like that he actually barks when he hears or sees something, Buster on the other hand lets foxes eat his food. I guess he doesn't mind sharing! The boys love them and the dogs seems to reciprocate that too!

House Guests

Of the rodent sort that is! Lane got to bring home his classroom pet this weekend, Delilah, a guinea pig. Plus my classroom pet comes home with us every weekend, Rhino, the hamster. So we have literally gone to the petting zoo here this weekend. They are both funny in their own ways...crazy to think that a guinea pig and a hamster could have a personality, but they do!!



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Joy and Sorrow

The end of August my grandfather passed away. It was truly a weekend of joy and sorrow interwoven. So glad we have a Comforter who meets our every need. Thankful for my grandfather's faithful life and that he can be spared from earthly pain and suffering. It was special to see all of the family and be together for the first time in several years. Below is my grandfather's legacy: 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.

The whole Goecke family
My grandmother and her children(left to right: Peggy, Pam, my grandmother, mom, and Greg)

My cousin Egan riding around after the funeral and luncheon still in his full suit!

There was lots of singing, something that my mom's family has done for years, and something my grandfather often requested when we were all together.

Shaylyn and the boys laying around during the singing with Ringo.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never forgotten

I'll never forget where I was when our world changed forever on 9.11.2001! Today I am so thankful for those men and women who have given their lives and those who still stand tall to protect this wondrous nation! My heart is saddened to think of all those who died that day in this terrible act. But proud today because we weren't broken by terror and we still stand tall, brave, and free. May we never forget!