Monday, December 31, 2007

Year end cleaning.....

For some reason I have been motivated the past three days to finish projects that have been on the list for AGES!! I was deep cleaning the boys' rooms when I decided that I would rearrange things for a change. I put away their spring/summer clothes in those giant XXL ziploc bags. I am saving their best clothes for my nephew, Grant. While I worked, Jay finished some things on his list.....hanging our closet doors(4 sets). For the past 4 months our closets have been open for everyone to see!! This has bothered me, so I thanked him more than once!!:) Thanks again dear!!
Today, Jay and I painted our bedroom and removed and cleaned our windows, including the storm windows. What a nasty, awkward project!!! I guess thats why it isn't done more often. I swear our room seems 10 times brighter. Now.... we need to do the boys' windows?!!!
I'll post pictures of our room when the curtains and pictures are hung.
This is Bryce's room. It has the construction theme.
Just to let everyone know, we didn't steal the sign below. If you can believe it, we found this under our upstairs carpet used as a floor board this summer, when we recarpeted the house. Strange what some people use when they build a house.;)
This is Lane's room. He collects airplanes.

His desk is over 100 yrs. old. It has the holes for the ink wells.
Thanks Nana for finding this!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Silly Words..... Updated!!

It seems recently that the boys have been saying some goofy things!! I try to write them in their baby books, so someday we can read them again and laugh!!:) Here is just a sampling....
1. "toad"- this means torn - example- The car is toad up!!
2. "I've got a big belly, just like my dad." This is something to be proud of!!
3. "gerl"- with a very pronounced sounthern accent- means girl
1. "chyn-e-tah"- a cheetah- he announced this to us at the New Orleans zoo. Of course Bryce repeated it immediately because what brother says is always right!:)
2. Until last year, Grandma was "Grandpa". Therefore it was Grandpa and Grandpa!!
I know more of these funny sayings will come to me in the next few days. So I may add to the list, watch for updates!!!
3. Cyclebycle- means bicycle

Friday, December 28, 2007

Cousins, Cookies and Craziness!!!

The boys and I spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa and what fun we had!! Jay came on Sunday and went home Tuesday to go back to work. The boys and I returned home yesterday. Every day brought new excitement for the kids, from trips to the park, Chuckie Cheese's, gifts, decorating cookies, playdoh and cousin Emmy;)!! Mom and I enjoyed some shopping nearby at Coldwater Creek, Chico's, Talbots, Janie and Jack, and Gymboree on Saturday and Kohls on Wednesday with my aunt Peggy and cousin Emerald. Dad was kind enough to stay home and monitor nap time while we shopped!! Thanks Dad!
I think Emmy was the "highlight" of our trip. She played so delightfully with the boys. They wanted to be baby lions and her to be the mommy. She played right along as you can see they are riding on her back. We hope she can come visit us this summer for a little while!!
Spinning on the temporary swing Grandpa has rigged up in the backyard.

Cookie decorating with A. Peggy, Emmy, Great Grandma, and Annie on Christmas Day. I know the children enjoyed it, but it was good therapy for me too. There were 15 people at the house for the day, so something was always happenin'. Lane really seemed to understand the concept this year for the first time and created cookies from spreading the frosting to adding decorations for me, grandma, A. Peggy and Shanna all by himself.

Working all by himself!!

My darling and tasty snowlady from Lane. Notice she is wearing sunglasses(the red hots above her eyes). I was quite amazed by the detail and his imagination!! So fun to watch your child evolve into a creative individual.

Didn't get a picture, but Bryce preferred to eat the sprinkles and frosting, but helped mom decorated a gingerbread boy!! He was off and running after that....... still a short attention span.

Grandma and Grandpa decided it was time the boys went to Chuckie Cheese's. This was our first time. I know we are alittle behind!;( The boys were just overwhelmed and didn't know where to go. They spent a great deal of time in the slide and climbing area. Dad and I played arcade games and won a few piddly prizes for the boys.

Flying foam airplanes with Grandpa. Good thing they were foam, because they were landing everywhere!!:)

Emmy, Lane, Bryce, Alex and Giselle giggling.

Two little boys worn out from a day of fun and frenzy collapsed on the floor!! A. Peggy thinks they need t-shirts that say "Thing 1" and Thing 2". I think that is perfect, maybe we can get them printed!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

School is out!!!

Today our Winter Holiday begins!!:) The boys and I are leaving for my parents tomorrow and Jay will join us on Sunday. I will return sometime late next week after some shopping and time with my family.
I made another pumpkin roll today and it turned out just as nice as the other last week. Yeah!! I am also taking miniature pecan pies (made in a muffin tin), and pumpkin bread along. I have several things I am going to make once we get there also. My grandmother is staying with my parents until next week afer she has her PET scan. Stopping in for a few days on their way back home are my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Troy and kiddos on Monday. Mom and Dad are going to have a house full with a family from their meeting coming for Christmas dinner, too. I will post our pictures of fun and food, late next week sometime. A wonderful holiday wish to all as you spend time with those who are most dear!!;)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Day in the Kitchen...

I enjoyed being in the kitchen most of the day on Saturday. With it raining outside and a cold winter wind blowing, it was just the thing to do. I made pumpkin bread for the kids to take to their teachers in small bread pans. Then, last night I made a pumpkin roll. This is the first time I have ever made something like this. I found you need about four hands to get the cake from the jelly roll pan to the powdered towel......Ahhh! Luckily, Jay helped me get that accomplished.
Everyone loved it today after lunch!!;) My father-in-law told me since I didn't bring anything for lunch, I didn't need to take anything home. Ha Ha!! Another words, he was keeping what was left of the pumpkin roll, I wasn't taking it back home...he loves it!! Of course, who wouldn't?? I plan to make another before we go to my parents this coming weekend.
Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Bread...One of my favorites!;)

This is the basket each of the boys teachers will get. Inside each cute snowman basket is: hand soap from B&B Works, travel size B&B Works body spray and a loaf of pumkin bread. I hope that makes each of them happy!

Truly unbelievable talent & silly too...

This is an a capella guys group called Straight No Chaser from Indiana University. Awesome to listen to!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A ride on the Polar Express

Friday, Lane's class went on the Polar Express(imagined). I am sure most of you with children know about this book. It is also a movie now. The children were allowed to wear their pj's for the whole day. The teachers wore theirs also. Mrs. C the assistant principal came in her robe and all to read the book to the kids. They had hot chocolate afterwards and watched the movie. I have been so impressed with the Pre-K program and all the extras they do.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I need your help!!.....

Hi friends and family...
Several people have told me that they are having trouble getting the smileboxes to load in a decent time. Just wanted to get a feel from you all who view our blog. I love to use them, but if it takes too long to load ....I know ya'll won't look at them or simply get frustrated and quit. Please leave me a quick note so I know how to post my pictures for your ease and enjoyment.:) Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!! We have three 1/2 days next week and then our break begins. YEAH!!!
Happy Holidays!!:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Orleans Weekend

What a fun weekend in New Orleans!! Grant is at such a fun age, and loved his cousins entertainment. They are always active!!:) We spent the day Saturday at the Audubon Zoo, newly renovated after Hurricane Katrina and went down to the Mississippi River to watch the ships come in. We only saw one barge, but enjoyed the Audubon Park sights. The weather was wonderful, but a little warm at 83' in December. Enjoy the slide show of some of our weekend. Thanks again Jeremy, Lisa and Grant. We hope to see them one more time before they return to Michigan in March.

Lane seems to be on the mend today, he is fighting with Bryce. Must mean he is getting better!! I am glad, yesterday just got worse before it got better. He got sick from the codiene and threw up. Ahhh!! when they are sick it is so hard on Mama and Daddy. I was glad when Jay got home to help. :)

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Sick in Bed

Lane is home today with a severe ear infection, running a 102' temp. Our doctor even prescribe a pain med. because it was so inflamed and infected. We just got home last night from a fun weekend in New Orleans with Jeremy, Lisa and Grant. :) Lane complained of an ear ache yesterday on the way home and had a rough night last night. By this morning he was just moaning with pain. We'll be home again tomorrow, so I'll try to post our pictures from the weekend, once he is feeling better. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Wise Man!!

Bryce was one of the three wise men in his Pre-K class. He even sang a "solo", to "This Little Light of Mine" so precious, but they forgot to switch his mic on. So we could hardly hear him!!! Mommy and Daddy were kinda sad:(. My pictures aren't that great because we had to take them with the video camera..sorry!! Lane enjoyed watching his brother, this is the first year not to perform, he did sing along to a few songs he remembered.

A Frosty Morning...Brrrrrr!!!!

I am off this A.M. and this is what we awoke to. My camera didn't take to well through the window, but you can see the heavy frost. It almost looked like Snow!!!! It is on all the trees and leaves and begin to twinkle as the sun comes up. It is a cold 28' here. I know, not considered cold for some of you northerners!!! Our blood thins down here real quick!!:)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday reading......

On a rainy Sunday afternoon what better to do than read!! After naps, I found the boys cuddled together, reading(looking at:)) an old "Archie" comic book. The love to read these when they go to Grandma and Nana's houses. This one I think they brought home from Nana's at Thanksgiving time.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snowman Bargain.....

I bought this flexible snowman pan from the dollar bins at Target. My favorite place to shop!! I knew the boys would think that it was great. So today we baked our first cake and it turned out so cute!:) Tomorrow we have meeting at our house and we are going to have friends stay for lunch, this will be part of our dessert. The boys are so proud they helped.

The boys helped to put on the chocolate chips and hold the sprinkles will I shook them(they still need a little control). I added some red hots and leaves for a holly.

This is what Bryce prefers to do......just eat FROSTING!!! I agree, it is the best part!