Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Play Time

All three boys had such a great time with one another. I love this sweet picture of all three by M and D's fireplace.

Cousins and friends

Grant loved to stand on the hearth and give lenghty speeches, unfortunately we didn't understand everything!!

Playing the Elephant game. I found this for $9.00 at a children's consignment shop near M and D's. I've seen it in the store before and for the price I had to get it! The trunk of the elephant inflates and butterflies blow out of his trunk. It comes with four nets, the object of the game is to catch as many butterflies as possible. Grant loved to stand and holds his arms up trying to catch some, too!;)

Me, too!!

All tuckered out...the boys enjoyed playing with the big ball.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge and Water Park

What a wonderful time we had at the Great Wolf Lodge. Jeremy, Lisa, and Grant were able to fly down for the week at the last happy they could! We all stayed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and boy were we all exhausted when we got back to Mom and Dad's. Dad rode every ride and so did I. I'm quite proud of myself because I can be a little "chicken" sometimes!:) It was fun to ride the rides with the boys and then some with just Jeremy and Lisa. What great memories we have!!

The Tornado from the outside....what an awesome funky feeling you get!

The treed hallway to our suite.

The boys and I in the Kiddie area.

Uncle Jeremy and Lane operating the spout and squirts...

Beartrack Landing....the family area with slide and water everywhere.

The bucket dumps over 1,000 gallons of water every 5 minutes. Lane and I had a lot of fun here squirt other people and dumping buckets, etc. You will come out wet if you enter!

The slides....I did them all even the Tornado!! WOW!! What fun!

Kiddie area where Grant and Grandma spent most of their time.

Grant loved the slide...can you tell?;-)

Great Wolf Lodge- Clock Tower Puppet Show

Every evening at 8:00 and 9:00 a puppet show is performed in the Grand lobby at the Clock Tower. You are encourage to come in your PJ's and listen. It even snowed during the puppet show(not really)! The boys thought it was so fun to go ready for bed and go down to listen.;-) Bryce told us that this was one of his favorite parts of our stay!
The puppets performing.

Anxiously waiting for the show to start.

Cuddling by Grandma as they listen to the puppet show.

The boys in their PJ's and slippers by the fire.

The fireplace in the Grand Lobby.

Toys and Fun!!

The boys enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa again and I finally remembered to take some pictures. They love their presents, too!

Working on the tool kit with Grandma.

Rough housing on the floor with Grandpa.

Grant showing off his big smile, as he tries to ride Lane's scooter!!

The awesome Teepee Mega-maze from Grandma and Grandpa. Mom found this at Cosco for only $30.00! Great find!

All put together and ready for fun!

Cute puppy slippers from G and G.

Cute rabbits from G and G.

All the boys checking out the clock Bryce got.

Making Cookies

Yes, I am behind on posting from our trip to Dallas last week, so here we go!! On Monday we made cookies and decorated them, just Lane, Bryce, Mom, and I. Both Mom and I commented on how fun it was to decorate and visit!:)

Two watchful eyes as Grandma rolls out the dough.

Mommy and her boys working at it too.

Decorating and eating!!

Some of our finished cookies.

Cuddling with Mommy after all our hard work! Tia even joined us.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Boys are Truth with dirt on their faces.......and boots!!
I totally forgot to take a picture of their clothes....I was in such shock!! They were in the field were Daddy four-wheels with his Jeep. I looked out the window to see Lane carrying Bryce who only had one boot on, the other was stuck out in the rutts. It tickled me to watch them...Lane was about to give up and let Bryce go when I made it to him and took over. Ohhh if Daddy could have only seen them!!;-)

Go Dawgs!!

Sunday evening we went to the Independence Bowl to cheer on our Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. What a great game...close score 17-10, and our Bulldogs came out on top!! :) We had great seats right behind the goal post....we just missed catching one of the field goals. The temp. was plenty chilly, right about 39', so we went bundled up in layers.

Cotton candy is so GOOD!!

Daddy and his boys.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's for supper, Mom?

I'm looking forward to joining a new blog where I can share my own recipes and enjoy what others love to cook. If you would like to join in or just follow along, click the link below or on my sidebar. As a working mom, I am always wondering what to cook each night for supper. This summer I hoped to come up with a variety of weekly menus to help me grocery shop and have a plan each week....but like we all know that was a good plan, but never came to fruition!:(
Pass this on to your friends and feel free to provide a link,
the more people sharing the better!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Party Time!!

Bryce's class had a Holiday party on our last half day of school. His teacher was dressed up as a christmas tree that day...she is the neatest teacher!!:) The even had a visit from the man from the North Pole and some *snow*! It was fun even if it was shaved ice, the kids enjoyed it!

Sweet Smile!

SNOW!! (not really!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is the accumulation of several days mudding right here in our pasture. Jay decided he'd better give it a rinse today.....but we have such little water pressure here at the house he wasn't making very much progress. So he went to town to the do-it-yourself car wash and all but plugged the drain. Lots of fun, but a BIG cleanup!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yummy gift!!!

Our second grade aide, Jackie is an awesome cook. Her specialty is her decorated sugar cookies. She has over 1,000 cookie cutters, crazy huh. She is single by the way....with a lot more time than I have. Since she started working at the school this year the demand for these cookies has quadrupled, literally!! Parents and faculty are ordering them for birthday parties, gifts, etc. They not only look great, but they taste even better!!
This is the plate of cookies she gave to each of us second grade teacher! Each one is a work of favorite is the gingerbread house and snowman! It is hard to eat them because they are so pretty...not really!

Children's Museum

For Lane's Christmas party this year the Kindergarten went to a near-by children's museum! Bryce and I meet Lane there. OH what fun mommy and her boys had together!!! The boys are already asking to go back.
The museum Chefs! The boys spent most of their time in the Kids' Cafe. I sat at the bar and they served me everything from coffee to crawfish and pie! Lane even took my order and used the cash register to take my payment. It was so fun to see them interact with the others kids in the cafe. I was very well waited on!!

Weights center...Lane and I spent a good bit of time balancing the two sides!

Lane had been wanting a microscope, so he was thrilled to use one to look at leaves and bugs!

Bubbles!! Bubbles!!

The Gigantic mouth!!!!
The boys spent sometime brushing the teeth with small brooms, very cute idea

Busy brushing!!

Lane spent a lot of time at the pulley station.

Lane was very fascinated as he watches the tornado...

Fun in the ambulance with their friend Dylan who also lives just around the corner from us.

The boys both enjoyed the virtual canoe!

Mrs. Claus reading a story to the Kindergarten.