Friday, June 26, 2009

Belly Ache!

Warning: If you consume too much of will cause a terrrible belly ache!!! I speak from experience! ;-) This year we planted corn for the first time. On new virgin soil and soil that is pretty much clay, we didn't get much of a crop. Enough though to make two meals of corn. Just enough to make us want more. Hopefully next year after tilling in the corn stalks from this year and adding better soil we will have a bigger crop. For now we will savor what we have!

I know it looks pretty sad, but still tastes as wonderful!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Heirlooms

For his birthday, Bryce got an old heirloom from his Nana and Pawpaw. This desk was left in their first home over 40 years ago and has been used by several family members since. I rearranged his room and he helped put some wall stickers up as decoration around it. He is already very particular about what goes on his desk and inside! Too cute!!

I have been meaning to post these pictures for ages, but seem to forget! These Eye Spy Quilts were made by my Aunt Pam for both of the boys when they were babies. I have added her website to my sidebar Aardvark Quilts. She sells quilt patterns all around the world. I feel so fortunate to have some of her work in my home made especially for us. She is such a talented artist not only with fabric, but paint, furniture, and decorating.

This is Lane's quilt, click to enlarge and you will notice all the work that goes into one of these. She clips pictures from all sorts of fabric patterns and then has to organize, stitch and quilt each. Lots of work! A precious heirloom for each of the boys. These quilts are hanging by both boy's beds and they still love to point out different things they notice at bedtime!!

Notice how she scattered the letters of Lane's name in the quilt.

This one is Bryce's, the same but yet alittle different.

For Bryce's she incorporated his initials instead of his first name. BWV

Thank you Aunt Pam for these special quilts!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Peachy!!

Our neighboring town is well known for their peaches! We have had quite a few ripening on the counter and the boys asked for a peach pie last night. So tonight the boys and I made a peach pie using some of the ripe, juicy peaches. Anyone for pie and ice cream?? I'd love to have you come on over!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The answer to a HOT day!

Air Hockey!! This was part of Bryce's birthday gift that finally arrived today. With temps. close to the 100's today, this is just the thing to pass the time!! My brother, Jeremy, and I had one when we were growing up and it was such a blast! The boys have been giggling up a storm for quite a while playing. Fun to listen in!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boys or Guppies? I'm not sure....

This week the boys had swimming lessons. Each of them did so well, they absolutely LOVE the water! It is amazing to watch them catch on so quickly. They would stay at the pool all day, if I didn't require them to go home. They are getting so brown even after just several days at the pool. Lane has learned to dive this year and swim the breast stroke. We are thinking of having him join a local swim team this fall because he loves to swim and is quite good! Bryce is beginning to learn to dive and perfecting his free style and back stroke. I am very impressed with their teacher, because this year she taught them how to tread water and float on their back if they get tired or are in water to deep to touch. So important to know those things. This is were we spend our days of summer unless we are out of town.

Lane diving.

Lane at back stroke.


Under the water is where Bryce lives!!

Bryce, with his teacher , Mrs. Amy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

More Fun yet!!

G and G's town puts on a Red, White, and Blue Festival every June the first weekend. We went along with some of the other friends and had a picnic before the fireworks. Local businesses and eateries had booths set up , live entertainment, and a midway area for the kids, which was completely FREE!! They had jumpers, train rides, organized games, Guitar Hero and the likes, and giving away freebies everywhere. We came home with water bottles, frisbees, toys, you name it!! It was so fun to watch the boys and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful! But......the best part was the fireworks!! They were so incredible I can not even describe them in words.....I know that sounds dramatic but it was just that Awesome!!;-) It put Disney to shame. They lasted about 20 minutes and the finale was CRAZY....the sky was light up as high as you could see to as low to the lake as it could go!!! The barge from which they were launching them looked like it was literally on fire! All this for FREE!! Ya know they say " Everything is always BIGGER and BETTER in Texas....they are right about that!!;-) WOW! It was a great night!
Playing at the pool.

The beautiful moon before fireworks!

Riding the Dental Depot train..... a local dentist provided this.

Waiting in line to help the fireman shoot the fire hose!!

Lane putting out the fire.

Bryce putting putting out the fire.

The Tooth Fairy!

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Still way behind.....I am just now posting pictures from our time in Dallas with G and G which was two weeks ago. I previously posted Bryce's picture with his cake at Life's a Beach. We celebrated a little early while we were there. Thanks for all the fun G and G.

Taking a big bite out of the cake, a tradition started when Jay was a kid.

Bryce playing vollyeball

Lane getting ready to volley

Lane helping Bryce smile!! He didn't want BIG brother in the picture with him!

Grandma and Grandpa with the boys

The patio

Opening presents!

Playing by the waterfall at Life's a Beach.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last Minute......

All day Friday I was thinking it would be relaxing to take the fifth wheel to a nearby state park for the wknd. Jay has been away from home so much recently and will be for awhile, I hesitated to ask him......but I did and he said call and get a spot. So at 4:30 Friday I reserved a spot and threw clothes, food and other essentials into the trailer and we left at 6:15. It has been a nice relaxing wknd, no alarm clocks, swimming, fishing, walks, playing at the playground, naps, and late night talks under the stars!! Making such good memories with the boys. I forgot my camera of sorry no pictures. I have to say I was much less stressed gettting everything ready in an hour than having weeks to get ready!!;-) There is always a Wal-Mart or store nearby for what you forget! So glad we did this! Hope everyone else has had a great weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Fifth Birthday Buddy!!

Our baby is 5 today......just doesn't seem possible! Life is so exciting with you!! You are our comic relief on stressful days. You explain things in the funniest ways and still love to snuggle in my lap, even though there isn't much room!!( I don't care!) You are determined to do EVERYTHING your brother does and sometimes that means tears and frustration! Your vocabulary is unreal and when you grow up you want to be a firefighter! How honorable and so appropriate because you love and help everyone you meet! Happy Birthday Bryce, we love you!!

Bryce with his ocean friends cake. We celebrated early with g and g on Tuesday at Life's A Beach.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Vacation #1

Last weekend we took our first trip of the summer to Hot Springs. Krsiten S. and her kids joined us for the weekend. We sure missed David who stayed home sick. Gavin, our nephew came along with us too. The boys loved Magic Springs and all the rides. Great fun and great memories!
All Board!!

Gavin, Bryce,and Jacob on the first ride of the day!

Little Doll, posing for the camera!

WHEEE!!! The faster the better!

Kristen and Jacob

Flying high!

Gavin, Lane, and Jay rode the Pirate ship and LOVED it!!

My girl for the day, Miss Lia!

Little Jacob, riding all by himself!

Gavin and Bryce

Burgers and dogs on the grill. I hoping as much as the boys watch us cook, that they will love to cook when they are older?!

Jay and his crew getting the fire started for s'mores. They were very yummy...but very messy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Special People!

Both boys have had fantastic teachers the past two years. I know as a child that my elementary teachers were very special people even still. Next year Bryce will have Mrs. Ray, also for Kindergarten.

Lane with Mrs. Ray.

Bryce, Ms. Dance, and Lane.

Movin' on up!!

Bryce's Pre-K graduation was held in a large church in town. It was so nice to be indoors and have plenty of seating. The children performed about 10 songs and received their diplomas. In the gymnasium there was an indoor playground, like you would find at Burger King or Chick-fil-A. The parents also rented the most gigantic jumper I have ever seen(forgot to take a picture of it). Pizza, chips, cake, cookies, and goody bags to take home were all part of the fun!! Bryce wore himself out running between activities! For two years in a row we have gone to Ms. Dance's room every is hard to think of not doing that this next year! Where has my baby gone?

Sorry these pictures are not turned around! Just turn your head around! HA!;-(

Bryce and his good friend Braden!