Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Lane!!

Eight years ago today our family became 3! You were adorable and perfect in every way! Today is no different, you are a perfectionist and strive to do your very best! When you were little people thought you looked like the 'Gerber" baby......your chubby cheeks were outrageous and so kissable. You may have grown up alittle since then, but you will always be cute and kissable to me and daddy. You are your brother's protector, friend, and irritator..sometimes all in the same breath! We love you , Lane!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the boys' first day of school. They have been waiting for this day for weeks! They both jumped up when the alarm went off this morning and were ready to go! Bryce is now in 1st grade and Lane in 2nd grade! Where has the time gone?

Bryce and Mrs. Cannon

Lane and Mrs. Johnston

Ready to go!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet Rhino!

He is our dwarf hamster, who will spend time in my classroom as our class pet. The boys are absolutely loving him!! It don't think he will have any fur by Monday because they keep petting him so much. Brings back memories from when Jeremy and I as kids had our pet hamster, Muffin. He has no lack of attention!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coming Soon!

Lane's birthday is just a week from Sunday and he will be 8!! He and I looked at several different cakes and he choose this one! I am excited about getting started and hope that it turns out somewhat like this!! I bought both of the boys toy dirt bikes, so the cake will have 2 bikes instead of one!!

Not so Wordless Wednesday...a day late!

(Thinking cool thoughts of winter on these 100+ days!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lake Hamilton

Last weekend we spent our time relaxing on the waters of Lake Hamilton, near Hot Springs, AR. The lake is very large and so beautiful. Some of the homes and condos are spectacular! We spent most of our time swimming in the lake. We found a shallow sandbar area that was perfect for the boys to swim and play in and Jay and I just relaxed too. It was a perfect way to end summer!

Near the dam where water is let in from Lake Quachita, the water temp was 50* and the air was down right cold! This resulted in fog that was just above the water.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed jumping off the boat and swimming. They are fish themselves.

Caught this sweet moment as we walked back to the motor home one evening! They are each other's best friend and worst enemy!

We saw lots of geese both in the water and flying. I took this picture just a few hundred feet away from them and the boys were swimming and splashing around them even closer.

Daddy and his fast driving put this one to sleep, not really he was just resting!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hawaiian Falls

Another fun day in Dallas we spent at Hawaiian Falls with my mom, aunt, cousin and their family. Three ladies and 5 boys made for a great day of fun! The boys loved the park and it was just small enough that they could go off with the bigger boys and still find their way back to our chairs. Wish I could have gone on the rides with the boys, but my foot is still on the mend.

The boys and I

The huge kiddie area

My cousin, Remington, won a hula hooping contest at the Disney Radio station booth.(He is in the blue swimming trunks)

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lemonade Stand

While at Grandma and Grandpa's house the boys had a lemonade stand for the very first time. Grandma provided all the items to make fresh squeezed lemonade and brownies. The boys made all of it with alittle help. We set up at the corner in front of my parent's house about 4:30. Lane was very discouraged when no one bought anything the first 15 minutes and then that all changed. We had two or more cars at times waiting!! They sold out by 5:45 after having about 30 people stop. After we were cleaning up, people still stopped to give the boys a donation for their hard work! What a great experience for the boys and it restored my faith in good old America and generosity!! The boys made $19.00!! Not bad when the lemonade was $0.25 and brownies $0.50. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting them keep ALL the profit!
The boys hard at work squeezing the lemons by hand!

Dressed up in funny hats and glasses, hoping to catch some attention!!

The boys busy delivering the goodies and taking the money from a customer.

Minor League Baseball

Grandma and Grandpa promised the boys they would take them to a professional baseball game after they played baseball themselves for the first time this past spring. Last week we went to Frisco Rough Rider's game with G and G! What great fun it was! So family oriented and we had home plate seats on the 20Th row. Perfect! The weather was alittle hotter than we'd have liked but it was a fantastic experience for the boys. Lane was calling the plays with Grandpa and telling him what was happening. The boys even got their hats signed by one of the RR's pitchers #17 Bobby Schnider. They were so excited about that! The RR's lost the game that night, but the game ended with a spectacular fireworks show! We plan to go back again sometime soon and take Daddy with us this time! Thanks G and G for taking us!

The boys in front of the Dr. Pepper Ballpark.

The beautiful ballpark

G and G with the boys

If you can read the sign to the left....some of the balls were being pitched at 96 mph!!

Love this action shot

Great pitcher shot

The boys and I