Saturday, October 31, 2009


After another week of what seemed like unending rain, the boys enjoyed playing in the sunshine today. Of course they were drawn immediately to the puddles and mud in the field! So was Sissy! I couldn't help but spend some time outside too. I blew leaves and cleaned out the garage. We have an unforunate problem, whenever it rains hard, our garage gets flooded. The slab is unlevel and sloped so that it runs in instead of out. We have some work to do digging trenches and burying pipe to try and ward off this problem. It sure is frustrating when your laundry room has two inches of rain in it after a rain! It is depressing! The sunshine today has been so welcome!

The boys and their pup, Sissy!

Bryce trugging in the field!

Sissy running in the field!

By our front door....the boys are anxious to carve them tonight!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

All Aboard!

Every evening this week Bryce has been spending his time in the living room with the GeoTrax trains. He reroutes the track and adds to it everyday. Of course it doesn't help that it has started RAINING again!!! Notice the Matchbox cars hanging from the crane to the left! It is all his handy work and thought, I love how his mind works! When the boys were smaller I would try to build it for them and get frustrated trying to make the tracks cross and circle back...he does it with little or no effort! ;) Must be the "engineering" mind, which I sure don't have. Grandma and Grandpa have been giving them pieces to add to this train for several years and Grandpa even built them a special train table, too! Thanks G& G!
Lane serenades Bryce while practicing his piano each evening. He is doing so well! His first recital will be in mid December, he has two pieces he is already practicing. He often tells me when he hears a song on the radio, Mom, I am going to play that someday! I am glad he is so inspired!

The proud creator, Bryce

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

The next best thing to a pumpkin patch is over 600 pumpkins already picked to choose from! They are everywhere!!! One of the gift shops near by does this every year! This was our first year to go. It is a great place for pictures and the boys had a terribly hard time just picking one! They were big, small, fat, tall, warty, white, striped, and every combination! They even had neat ornamental goards and indian corn! Enjoy the festive pictures! (Bryce told me as we were trying to pick a few out, "Mom there are so many pumpkins here, we will have to eat them for days...pumpkin stew, pie, cookies, verything with pmpkin!!" He has such a funny sense of humor! Makes us smile!)

My two big *pumpkins*!

Go Cougars!!

This year the boys asked for jerseys to wear on our spirit days at school. They wore them a week ago last Friday. We went to the homecoming game that night as well! The boys enjoyed playing with their friends, while Jay and I visited with other parents and friends!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Miss Brooke!

She is the reason we made our trip and she is as precious as her name! So amazing how different she is from Lane and Bryce at that age, no doubt she is a little girl! We got lots of snuggles and sugars from her! She is a little doll!

All four cousins

Blowing bubbles in the sink during her bath.

Sleeping Beauty!

Love this picture of Daddy and daughter...his smile tells it all!

Fun at the park~

While visiting in Michigan, Jeremy and Lisa took us to a very unique playground he found one Saturday while biking with Grant. The playground came from Holland. It was a twist on a lot of the norm and then even a few different things too. It is all built of metal and plastic. Both the adults and the kids enjoyed it! Lisa got me on video trying out the merry go round, but I think it best I not post that! ;-)

WHEW!.....such a perfect is that feeling that we have all had!

Grant spent most of his time playing in the sand area!

Uncle Jeremy and Lane figuring out this unusual merry go round.