Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today in a Nutshell!!

Just a few pictures of our day!
UHH OHH.........Caught in the act!!
I was asking the boys to help me clean up in the living room this evening to get ready for mtg. and wondered why Bryce had not come upstairs. It was very quiet as I went down. You can see why.:) He was stuffing his mouth with leftover green frosting from Lane's cake. I had it out on the counter and he had found it. He is my sweets lover. I just had to laugh and get the camera fast to catch the moment.
This is our new monster buggy(modified golf cart). Daddy has added a lift kit and bigger tires. The boys say it is "awesome". If they see daddy leaving, they make a mad dash for the door to go along. Now that it is taller, the boys could really use a step to get in it. That is not stopping them from getting on though. It is never uneventful in the country!!!;) It is quite fun to drive.

Our Lane is FIVE!!

Where has the last five years gone. It was just yesterday he was our one and only and brand new. It is pretty neat to realize all he can do and he's learned it in just five short years. I made this cake Tuesday night in a jiffy and we had a little party after mtg. for him on Wednesday. We plan to celebrate again with G'ma and G'pa next weekend in Dallas. He's definetly going to remember turning five.

This was Lane's Spiderman cupcake cake at preschool. It was prety special to celebrate with little brother, Bryce, one last time. Lane will start to private school with me right after Labor Day. It's going to be a tough transition for both I imagine.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Classroom

I am teaching at a private school this year, so I have been busy moving my things and decorating my new classroom. I will be teaching 2nd grade and Lane will begin preschool in a few weeks at this same school. It is hard to believe we have a five year old. His birthday is next Wednesday. It is going to be so nice to ride with him everyday. We are going to miss Bryce, though:(. It is going to be hard for him, mommy will have to make some special time just for him. Next year he will get to come with us.

I am still not quite finished, so if I get a chance I will post more pictures later. Thanks to my mom for flying over for a few days to help me get started!!;)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Paradise .... on Lake Michigan?

I forgot to add this pictures from our trip North. We left early to catch our train in Chicago and took the road less traveled and found these awesome sights. The water was quite cool, for us southerners!:) This was also the first time the boys have been to a beach. They were quite fascinated by the waves and a little concerned that their feet were sinking in the sand as the waves came ashore.
Warren Dunes, Michigan
This was the hill above the beach. If you click and enlarge it there are people climbing it and some even rolling back down.

Indiana Dunes State Park
This was the trail we climbed to reach the top of the dunes at the shore in Indiana(below). What an awesome view as you see below, so worth the steep hills walking in the sand!! AHH! That was hard. I lived in the state of Indiana as a child and didn't know this beauty was here.

Aqua colored water and white sand, all that is missing is the palm tree and you could be in paradise in the Carribean.:)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Our trip North.......All Aboard!!!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post these pictures. School will begin in just a few weeks and I have changed schools this year and have been trying to get my room ready. We had such an awesome trip and these pictures are just the few we'll share with you.

Were it all began in Jackson, MS. The boys have been waiting for this day for months.

On the top bunk in our family sleeper in the train. This was so fun for the boys!!:)

My friend Laura and the boys. We had lunch with her as we arrived in Chicago. Bryce called her "LULA", he couldn't say Laura.

Our visit with Uncle Jerry and Auntie Bev. We were able to take in the EAA airshow, too.

I hope to make this poster size for Lane's room, he loves airplanes.

Sweet little Grant

The Dogs and Lane Jax and Lane in action!!

Lane and Boston

Greenfield Village
This village was created by Henry Ford. It consists of homes and buildings of famous people.

Mommy and Grant

There always up for the carousel.

Our walk to a nearby park. The boys rode the trikes the whole way, which was about 2 1/2 miles. They played their hearts out and rode all the way back.

Daddy, Uncle Jeremy and the boys.

The three cousins

Back home again!!