Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Family vacation in Hot Springs

We had a wonderful trip to Hot Springs! So much fun now that the kids are a little older and can ride the rides and take it all in. We got VERY wet at Magic Springs(you can clearly see below) with the showers, but still had a great time. Jay and I had to take turns riding the rides with the kids, we were both getting sore from being bumped around. Lane is definently a dare devil and would have riden other rides had he been taller. Bryce on the other hand is alittle more skeptical, but it wasn't long and he was screaming with his hands up having a BALL!!

Magic Springs Amusement Park

Lane chose the bull because he wants to ride one when he is older?! We'll see about that!

Cutie pie even wet!!

The Lookout Tower
We looked at Hot Springs from high up in the tower. The boys wanted to find the rollercoasters in the telescope at Magic Springs. What a beautiful view!! Our dashing boys

The hazy hills

The downtown area of Hot Springs.

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