Thursday, August 9, 2007

Paradise .... on Lake Michigan?

I forgot to add this pictures from our trip North. We left early to catch our train in Chicago and took the road less traveled and found these awesome sights. The water was quite cool, for us southerners!:) This was also the first time the boys have been to a beach. They were quite fascinated by the waves and a little concerned that their feet were sinking in the sand as the waves came ashore.
Warren Dunes, Michigan
This was the hill above the beach. If you click and enlarge it there are people climbing it and some even rolling back down.

Indiana Dunes State Park
This was the trail we climbed to reach the top of the dunes at the shore in Indiana(below). What an awesome view as you see below, so worth the steep hills walking in the sand!! AHH! That was hard. I lived in the state of Indiana as a child and didn't know this beauty was here.

Aqua colored water and white sand, all that is missing is the palm tree and you could be in paradise in the Carribean.:)


Mike, Traci and boys said...

Hi Vallery's! I found your blog off of David & Kristens! So fun to see your picts! And what a cute little cousin!:) We see your Mom and Aunt P. every year at G'town, Shauna! G'ma is always braggin' on those boys!:) Our blog is at: Maybe we'll meet up with you in Hot Springs, Ar one of these days!

David, Kristen, & Jacob said...

Shauna - thanks for leaving a note on my blog. Great to hear from you. I have the same e-mail I've had for the last 15 years if you want to contact me that way. Not sure what our convention schedule is going to be this year...David has a new job so he won't be able to take off for any of the Oct. conventions.

Great pics from your trip - I'd love to take a trip one day on the train with Jacob. He would love it.


Russell said...

We enjoyed your visit. We need to plan the next one... :-) The pictures of the water sure are beautiful! We'll all have to meet on the west coast of MI sometime while we're still up here.