Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today in a Nutshell!!

Just a few pictures of our day!
UHH OHH.........Caught in the act!!
I was asking the boys to help me clean up in the living room this evening to get ready for mtg. and wondered why Bryce had not come upstairs. It was very quiet as I went down. You can see why.:) He was stuffing his mouth with leftover green frosting from Lane's cake. I had it out on the counter and he had found it. He is my sweets lover. I just had to laugh and get the camera fast to catch the moment.
This is our new monster buggy(modified golf cart). Daddy has added a lift kit and bigger tires. The boys say it is "awesome". If they see daddy leaving, they make a mad dash for the door to go along. Now that it is taller, the boys could really use a step to get in it. That is not stopping them from getting on though. It is never uneventful in the country!!!;) It is quite fun to drive.

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Warner & Crystal said...

Moding out the golf cart; sounds like Jay must of spent too much time with Dwayne! ;) The boys are growing up fast.