Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Teddy Bear Picnic

Lane is all smiles with his bear. He named the bear, Sunny. It is so special to be able to enjoy these moments with him. I can't tell you how much it will mean when Bryce comes next year!:)

This is Lane's friend, Jacob. He and Lane got to know one another this summer while his aunt and I started working on Second grade material.

Lane and his friends eating their lunch. It was beginning to sprinkle, they had to finish their picnic inside.( He is center in the back with green shirt and brown bear in his lap.)

These children are all teacher's kids or relatives. They all come to our rooms each afternoon. Today Brody was reading one of his library books. Jacob, Lane's friend is the little boy in the forefront. He is Monnisa's nephew( She is my 2nd grade co-worker)and they played together this summer while we worked.


Damon & Stacy & Brett said...

Oh, how fun! That's really a cute idea, I might have to use that! I'm sure you're enjoying your days with Lane-he probably doesn't realize how lucky he is either!

Mike, Traci and boys said...

How fun to be able to be there with him and go through these years with him. He will never forget that!