Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival was so much fun for Lane and I. The parents set up 10 different stations and they ranged from pony rides to mummy bowling. The only bad part was that it was only 48' that day and extremely windy!!! The children didn't seem to notice, but the adults sure knew it. It is so nice to teach at the same school as Lane, because they cover for me and I get to enjoy these type of activities. He was a Power Ranger, his mask didn't stay on very
long. :) Kinda hard to see.
The first station we started at was fishing. You can tell the EXCITEMENT was high!!!
Lane and his teacher Ms. Dance. She was beautiful as Mary Poppins.

The bouncer was so much fun, they definently got warmed up on it.

Lane's first pony ride!!

The bean bag toss.

Mummy bowling, these parents were so creative. This reminded me of our carnivals we used to have when I was in elementary school.

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DSBRansom said...

How neat-a fall festival w/costumes! Great idea.