Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snowman Bargain.....

I bought this flexible snowman pan from the dollar bins at Target. My favorite place to shop!! I knew the boys would think that it was great. So today we baked our first cake and it turned out so cute!:) Tomorrow we have meeting at our house and we are going to have friends stay for lunch, this will be part of our dessert. The boys are so proud they helped.

The boys helped to put on the chocolate chips and hold the sprinkles will I shook them(they still need a little control). I added some red hots and leaves for a holly.

This is what Bryce prefers to do......just eat FROSTING!!! I agree, it is the best part!


Bryce & Julie, Kyle & Kira said...

Cute cake!

Kristen said...

Can I come have some of that cute cake? ;)