Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday's Fun..

Western Wars.....
Lane found a costume from Auntie Peggy in his closet this morning and added his cowboy hat and new play gun from daddy. I love how sober they both are!!:) Off to conquer the West....
Bryce settled for a cloth diaper as a kerchief(sp?).

Quiet play
I found him playing and singing under the kitchen table this morning. He can play off by himself so well. Lane on the other hand is like Mommy and prefers to be where the action is with others.


This was a box set with the playdoh and tools from Kohl's after Christmas sale- originally $29.99 for $9.99. This was the first time we got it out and what a hit!! :) Everything has to do with breakfast. Which is one of the boy's favorite meals.

Bryce's breakfast- waffles, bacon, berries, and eggs with a little help from Mommy.

Lane's Creation- breakfast wrap, bacon, onions, and berries.


Benjamin's Mom said...

Fun pictures! Thanks for your recent comments. I couldn't figure out who 'us 4' was until you signed your name. Sorry! We love watching your boys too. Benjamin will get excited to see the cowboy pictures! Come see us sometime. lv, Andrea

From TX to you said...

Playdoh is such fun! We have a McDonald's set and dentist set and the boys just love it. Cute cowboy pictures! I'm jealous of your snow! Send it down this way!:)

DSBRansom said...

They are so serious! LOL Cute! Play dough is cute too, I like to play with them when there's fun tools like that. :) Stacy