Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tonka Truck Racing

Just a quick video of the boys racing down our hill in their Tonka trucks. Listen carefully to the boy noises as they race. :) Notice the large satellite dish, this is our internet satellite, the only way to get high speed internet in the country. It is a beautiful day in the low 60's here. No sledding, but this is the next best thing!!:) Bryce's hives are better and he's all about playing today. The doctor put him on steriods and a strong antihistamine. Diagnosis: hives from something.

On a side note: Bryce got angry this morning and told me he was "angrish". I said don't you mean "angry", he very determined said "That is Spanish for angry, my friend at school told me that". Such a funny kid!!


BJKK said...

That looks like a blast! Kids always find creative ways to play with their stuff, don't they?

DSBRansom said...

That's awesome! Brett thought he'd like to do that with his dump truck but no hill in our yard!

Grandpa and Grandma Russell said...

What Fun!!!! Love the exciting noises!!!
Love and Hugs,
Grandpa and Grandma