Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cajun Cuisine!!

As Jeremy and Lisa's time here in Louisiana comes to an end soon, we decided to treat them to a Louisiana favorite, boiled crawfish, last night at a local restaurant. Lisa didn't care to try the little creatures, but Jeremy brushed up on his peel and eat techniques to enjoy a few lbs. with Jay. They are so special!! Yum!:) In fact, will we were eating they ran out of boiled crawfish, making a few people kind of mad!!! With all the rain we have had the crawfish crop this year is down.
Bon Apetit'!!(sp)


From TX to you said...

Ooh, you're making me hungry, Shauna! Looks good! Such cute little boys. The picture of your family is very good...you need to frame that one!

Kristen said...

I'm with Lisa...I'd havd left the crawfisw for the boys too!!

Crystal & Warner said...

Yummm!!! Send me some, it's been toooo long. I remember we had them at Jay's graduation party. (Yes I've had them since, but just wanted to through in the memory.)

Boiled crawfish is nat a real common thing in Wyoming. My husband has found the he likes the fried crawfish tail, better than shrimp!

Jeremy & Lisa said...

We had a great time with you all. Sorry our stop on the way back to New Orleans was so short! Looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks!