Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fun Weekend

David, Kristen, and Jacob came to stay this past weekend. Kristen and I caught up on the old days when we were younger and the guys enjoyed some fishing on the lake. The boys enjoyed Jacob and he loved being around the bigger "babies" as he says. Anyone who is not a big person is a baby to Jacob!:) So cute!
On Sunday, we had a potluck after meeting. All the little ones enjoyed playing in the backyard. The adults enjoyed the great weather on the porch and visited. A great weekend!! Thanks for coming over David, Kristen, and Jacob! We look forward to more weekends together and that baby girl in September!;)
Lane is teaching Bryce to "whittle" a stick, as Jacob plays in the dirt.
Love this picture of Jacob!!:) He is watching as the big boys are playing with a lizard.
There it is!! The poor lizard was running for cover under the porch.
So handsome, I could just squeeze the mess out of him!!;)
Lane and Jacob sittin' together on the floor.
Lane and Bryce laugh.....leaving the girl behind.
All the kiddos playing in the sand.
Lane and Bryce after the butterfly.
Bryce, Gavin, and Lane on the tire swing.
Jacob loves anything with wheels, he had such a hard time trying to figure out which one to play with.

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