Monday, May 12, 2008

Family Pictures!

This weekend we went to Mom and Dad's for family pictures and Mother's Day. Jeremy and Lisa flew in from Michigan for the event. Our pictures turned out awesome, despite the 94' weather and humidity. You can look at them by clicking on this link. Then go to gallery and then to preview and you will see our names. Now comes the hard part of picking just a few. Annie is going to send us a CD so we can see everyone's facial expressions and little details before we choose. I'll post more pictures from our weekend this evening.


DSBRansom said...

All the pictures are beautiful! The blue is so nice on you all too.

Kristen said...

Beautiful pictures...hard to choose!!

Renita said...

WOW! The pictures are awesome!! I agree with the notes below the first picture -- I think it is a great family picture. And, I love the colors y'all picked out. You all got really close to the same shade and it blends great.