Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

On Friday morning all the preschool moms were invited for muffins and juice. Lane presented me with his gift.. his hand print on a large tile..could be used as a hot pad in the kitchen or at the table. Precious, because he will never be this size ever again. :( Then he showed me his drawing of me and the questions he answered. I loved how he even included the large bun on the top of my head. Jay says I look like Popeye's wife with the big arms and legs and tiny head. I will treasure this forever.
Mom still talks about my portrait of her I made in kindergarten. I drew large loop earrings and bright red lipstick on her lips. Where I got that....... I am not sure, but it brought a smile(of shock!!) to my mom that day and a laugh still to this day.

The sentences read as such....
My mom is 30 years old. (pretty close)
My mom cooks the best rolls. (I don't recall making them very often!)
When I am at school, my mom walks. (If I could do that all day, I'd be the size 6 I'd like to be!!):)
I love my mom because she does her job and I help her.(and that he does!)
It was very special to spend Mother's day with my grandmother, my mom, and my sister-n-law this year. Thanks mom for being such a wonderful role model to me, both as my mom and my friend once I was older. I hope to be as great a mom to my own boys! Thanks, Dad, Jeremy, and my hubby for cooking and serving us a wonderful meal on Sunday!! The dirty mashed potatoes and cauliflower casserole were sooo delicious. Happy Mother's Day!!


DSBRansom said...

That is really cute!!

Renita said...

I love it!!! It's true the best gifts are the ones from the heart!!

Kristen said... sweet. You're a grrrrreat Mommy!! If you don't believe me, just ask Lane and Bryce!

From TX to you said...

Very cute! I remember when Justin did something like that in 1st grade and he put that I was 60 years old...Guess I look old for my age-ha! Happy B'day to Grant! What a little cutie! I did the exact same cake for Justin's 1st b'day! Your family picts. are'd be hard to pick just 1. Fun to see some more familiar faces on there too!:)