Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Awesome Products!!

I love shopping from the Leaps and Bounds catalog!! They have such innovative products, that make life easier with little kids. I just purchased these trays for the boys to use on our long road trip next week. I read the reviews and most said they were wonderful!! Hope they are and will make coloring and eating easier. The dripsticks have to be the best invention so that you don't have to mop the kitchen or spot clean your carpet after their through eating!! Plus, they have two different ends: one for popsicles and one for cones. :) Someone was so smart and ingenius!!!:) Wish I had some of these ideas! The boys have been wanting to eat ice cream in a cone, but I can't bear to think of the mess....now we can!!:) Last but not least, the chalkboard placemats protect the table and entertain!!!

If you flip the dripstick over the other side is for a ice cream cone.
The boys enjoying their placemats this morning as I fixed breakfast. One of the reviews suggested rolling them up and taking them to a restaurant when you go out to eat!! Great Idea for little ones to keep them entertained.

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Kristen said...

Those are awesome products!! Thanks for sharing.