Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hot Dogs and Laundry..

I know your wondering how those two go together?? They don't.....this is just a random post of this and that. The days are running out to get ready for our trip. We leave can only imagine the excitement level here!!:) I am baking, doing last minute laundry, running a few errands, making trip after trip to the 5th wheel, and refereeing two boys!! A little crazy might I say, but our time in Florida is going to be so wonderful.

A "nifty" way of serving a hot dog!! Saw this on a food blog and the boys loved having them for a snack last night!! Stacy...I thought of you...maybe your kids would enjoy these for lunch someday...maybe you don't serve hot dogs??
Lane has really taken an interest in helping to fold the laundry. I am so thrilled!!!;) While I was cooking this afternoon I brought in a load for him to fold. These are the cloth he folded all by Himself. I am so IMPRESSED, aren't you?!!! He is just working on the smaller things...his arms aren't quite long enough for Jay and I's clothes. He is such a perfectionist...this will be both good and bad as he gets older! He is feeling so confident and proud of his acomplishment!! I love my two helpers!!


Grandpa and Grandma Russell said...

The Hot Dogs are so cute!!! Lane should be proud of himself and we applaud you for giving your children chores to teach them responsibility and to be helpers in the family. Few children learn that now days!!

Kristen said...

awe...what sweet little men you have! Like the hotdog idea too. ;)

DSBRansom said...

We do those hot dogs too & the kids really like them. That's great that Lane wants to help & is so neat & orderly!!