Friday, August 8, 2008

The boy's best friend

Not much to report this week, just wrapping up this and that before school starts this coming Wednesday. We spent several afternoons at the school pool, worked a little in my room, but most of all the boys played(pestered!:)) with Buster. He has had a ride in their John Deere gator, the golf cart, the wagon and today the stroller. He looks so pitiful as if he is pleading, please help me!! Despite all of their antics, he is always happy to see them and cries often when the come inside. :) I have to say he is quite lovable and has learned a few commands this week.

Love this precious little brown boys with their puppy!!:)

FYI: Notice they are not wearing any shirts in these has been unbelievably HOT(3 digits) most days!!

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BJKK said...

Cute puppy! I'm sure the boys ARE loving it.