Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Little Rock Weekend

Labor Day weekend we headed to Little Rock. We spent the day at the local water park, which the boys absolutely loved. Lane the daredevil he is went on the Black Hole, which is a water slide in complete darkness riding on your back!! He loved it!!:) He definitely doesn't take after his mother!! Ha Ha!! The weather was cooler and lovely in the evening!
Sunday we ventured to the pedestrian bridge over the river just a few blocks from the campgrounds. What a beautiful view from the top!! This area is just the begging of the Ozarks...rolling hills and tres. We only went about halfway acrossed, but stopped to watch fishermen and boaters below, the bikers that passed us. The current at the dam is just awesome and yet scary!

Some of the unbelievable homes that rambled all over the hillside along the river.

A beautiful site of the distant hills in the haze!!


From TX to you said...

How fun! Thanks for your note. Batten down your hatches...looks like it's headed your way next. Hope everything goes o.k. up there. Thinking of you now!:)

Renita said...

Did you see the new ballpark in North Little Rock on the river? That was Scott's last project before he got to come back to Dallas. :) We spent a lot of weekends in LR the couple of years he was there. It is really nice and I would've been okay with moving there but we decided to have Scott commute and now we're glad because we're still at "home!" :)