Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catch Up!!

This Monday, the boys moved into their new classrooms at school. They have been exhausted this week, asking to go to bed early and getting into their PJ's before supper! I know the move has made it seem like school started all over again. After talking even to their teachers, they were feeling exhausted, too!! Their rooms are so bright and colorful!!

Bryce's new room.

Lane's new room. When they are the leader, they get to sleep on the comfy pillow with the netting!! So exciting for a kindergartner!

Our convention this year was wonderful! We heard so much that was so encouraging and helpful. Our nephew, Gavin spent the night with us in the trailer. The boys had great fun making forts under the table.

Our two cowboys!!

The cousins: Avery, Bryce, Chloe, Lane, Gannon, and Gavin.
Sunday morning sillies!!


Kristen said...

Awe...what cute little cowboys you have! ;)

Love Lane's room...I bet it is really cool for them to get to sleep on the "cumfy pillow".

Renita said...

Nice new school rooms!! I also loved seeing the convention pictures! :) Texarkana was always my home convention until Scott and I moved to the Dallas area. Went to my first convention there when I was 2 months old and never missed a year until we got married. I hope to make it back sometime, if even for the weekend.

MikeInVietnam said...

Howdy, Jay! This is an old friend from junior high school. Your sister sent me the link to your page. Good to see you and am happy to "meet" your family. God bless you, brother.
Michael Strahan