Friday, October 31, 2008

Flower Pots

I planted my new winter flowers yesterday evening. I found some neat unusual plants at Lowes. The trailing plant is a sedum(perrenial) and the tall purple flowers are a Mona Lavendar Ivy, both will stand cold to about 30' or so. I'll have to bring the pots in under the porch for the few nights we have that are colder. I love planting flowers and working outside this time of year!!


Grandpa and Grandma Russell said...

Your pot is beautiful!! I have seen the Sedum and Lavender before. They add a nice dimension!

Del, Kari, Kyle and Kolby said...

Awesome! Does it not get that cold down there? We've been below freezing a couple times already this fall/winter! We aren't THAT far north of you...??? :)