Monday, November 24, 2008

Ka-ju-zee Fun!!!

The boys and I came to mom and dad's Friday for a few days while on our break. Last night Grandpa took them to the Kid's Castle playground for an hour or so. After supper Grandma asked the boys if they would like to have a bath in her big tub(jacuzzi).......they were beyond ecstatic!!!!:) They ran around telling everyone they were going to take a ka-ju-zee! When the jets started Grandma was ready with the camera......their expressions were priceless!

Sidenote: I would love to have one myself...that is a jacuzzi.... for those evenings when I am tired and weary!! Maybe someday??!

1 comment:

Kristen said... fun! I know your boys are having fun with your parents!

I have a severe headache right now and I think that "Kajuzee" may be just what I need to sit and relax in. Can I come on over?? ;)