Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mozart in the Making!

Lane has been learning a few songs on the piano with the help of his daddy and I. He loves to come upstairs and play, play, play! While Grandma was here this week she taught him another, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody", one both my brother and I learned as kids too. He will start piano lessons this summer with the teacher at our school. Then during the school year, he will have piano once a week during an extra-curricular class, i.e., PE, Art, Spanish, etc. He can hardly wait to start lessons!! Of course as the proud parent I think he just might be the next Mozart!;-) Maybe not?......but I do think he is doing really well!!


Stacy said...

Cute! He's so proud of himself. That's great he's learning. We don't have a piano! :( I don't even know where I'd put one right now.

Al and Jill said...

Great job Lane!!! I had so much fun teaching you, and you were a very quick learner. Keep practicing!!
Grandpa and Grandma

Kristen said...

How sweet...definatley a "piano prodigy". (is that even a word??)