Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well remembered!

What a wonderful birthday I had this year! I was remembered by so many friends and my family! I feel very lucky.....even if it is 33 years!
I received this beautiful basket at school from a group of mothers who want to remain unknown, but love to spoil us on our b-day's. WOW!! I could hardly believe it....a potted orchid, 10 snickers bars(my favorite), a Circle E candle, a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart, and a wonderful note of appreciate and admiration! I couldn't have asked for a better students wrote me darling cards, notes, and letters wishing a happy b-day and telling me how much they love me! Makes my heart go pitter patter(not as much as my own boys though;)).
Tonight, Jay took me out for my b-day with the boys(a day late because he had to go out of town last night). We had a nice time and enjoyed the evening!

The basket was wrapped so nifty....I didn't want to unwrap it!

The beautiful orchid!


Kristen said...

The Orchid is beautiful! How thoughtful. Glad you were properly spoiled. ;)

BJKK said...

How nice to have people do such thoughtful things for you! I love orchids too.