Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feeling Special!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at school. Boy, have I been made to feel very special!! On Monday the students brought flowers cut from their yards and I am still getting more every day! It is huge(I'll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow)! Tuesday the students wrote letters to me.....WOW!....Some made me laugh and others brought tears! Plus each teacher went home with a homemade casserole for supper. We enjoyed Crawfish/Rice about spoiled..I came home put it in the oven and made a salad to go along! It was really yummy. One of my precious little girls brought me a purple/white orchid corsage to wear today! I felt very special!! They had a teacher's luncheon also and I even won the flower arrangement, too! Tomorrow is more giveaways: Visa cards.. and Friday: A surprise gift for the teachers! Wow! What a week....I love where I is truly heaven on earth for someone who loves to teach children!! I am so happy!

My flower arrangement and corsage.


Kristen said...

wow - that's beautiful Shauna! umm...can I bring my kids to you once they get old enough? ;)

Al and Jill said...

What a uniquely beautiful arrangement!! We are so happy for you !! You deserve to have a wonderful teaching experiences as we believe you are the best there is!!

BJKK said...

How nice! Love your flowers.