Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Heirlooms

For his birthday, Bryce got an old heirloom from his Nana and Pawpaw. This desk was left in their first home over 40 years ago and has been used by several family members since. I rearranged his room and he helped put some wall stickers up as decoration around it. He is already very particular about what goes on his desk and inside! Too cute!!

I have been meaning to post these pictures for ages, but seem to forget! These Eye Spy Quilts were made by my Aunt Pam for both of the boys when they were babies. I have added her website to my sidebar Aardvark Quilts. She sells quilt patterns all around the world. I feel so fortunate to have some of her work in my home made especially for us. She is such a talented artist not only with fabric, but paint, furniture, and decorating.

This is Lane's quilt, click to enlarge and you will notice all the work that goes into one of these. She clips pictures from all sorts of fabric patterns and then has to organize, stitch and quilt each. Lots of work! A precious heirloom for each of the boys. These quilts are hanging by both boy's beds and they still love to point out different things they notice at bedtime!!

Notice how she scattered the letters of Lane's name in the quilt.

This one is Bryce's, the same but yet alittle different.

For Bryce's she incorporated his initials instead of his first name. BWV

Thank you Aunt Pam for these special quilts!


Jeremy and Lisa said...

Pam definitley does beautiful work. I'm glad for the couple that I have from her also!

BJKK said...

That is a neat desk! And I've never seen quilts like that before. That must be a lot of work. They are truly personalized!