Friday, June 19, 2009

More Fun yet!!

G and G's town puts on a Red, White, and Blue Festival every June the first weekend. We went along with some of the other friends and had a picnic before the fireworks. Local businesses and eateries had booths set up , live entertainment, and a midway area for the kids, which was completely FREE!! They had jumpers, train rides, organized games, Guitar Hero and the likes, and giving away freebies everywhere. We came home with water bottles, frisbees, toys, you name it!! It was so fun to watch the boys and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful! But......the best part was the fireworks!! They were so incredible I can not even describe them in words.....I know that sounds dramatic but it was just that Awesome!!;-) It put Disney to shame. They lasted about 20 minutes and the finale was CRAZY....the sky was light up as high as you could see to as low to the lake as it could go!!! The barge from which they were launching them looked like it was literally on fire! All this for FREE!! Ya know they say " Everything is always BIGGER and BETTER in Texas....they are right about that!!;-) WOW! It was a great night!
Playing at the pool.

The beautiful moon before fireworks!

Riding the Dental Depot train..... a local dentist provided this.

Waiting in line to help the fireman shoot the fire hose!!

Lane putting out the fire.

Bryce putting putting out the fire.

The Tooth Fairy!


BJKK said...

Sounds great, Shauna! Nice to visit grandma & grandpa, I bet.

Stacy said...

Wow! You're having such a great summer already! It seems like ours can't get started. It's warm here now but humid & storming.