Thursday, June 4, 2009

Movin' on up!!

Bryce's Pre-K graduation was held in a large church in town. It was so nice to be indoors and have plenty of seating. The children performed about 10 songs and received their diplomas. In the gymnasium there was an indoor playground, like you would find at Burger King or Chick-fil-A. The parents also rented the most gigantic jumper I have ever seen(forgot to take a picture of it). Pizza, chips, cake, cookies, and goody bags to take home were all part of the fun!! Bryce wore himself out running between activities! For two years in a row we have gone to Ms. Dance's room every is hard to think of not doing that this next year! Where has my baby gone?

Sorry these pictures are not turned around! Just turn your head around! HA!;-(

Bryce and his good friend Braden!

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From TX to you said...

Congratulations Bryce on finishing Pre-k!! Looks (and sounds) like a lot of fun with a bouncy house too! Those cookies look yummy!