Friday, July 24, 2009

Chicago: Warning- Lots of pictures!!

My good friend and maid of honor for my wedding, Laura S. got married on July 10 in Chicago. My mother and her mother, Gretchen have been good friends too over the years since their childhood. So the boys and I took a road trip with Grandpa and Grandma driving all the way to Chicago. I warned G and G that they were traveling with two small children and this could be interesting....and the still agreed. We had a wonderful time and even squeezed in some time with my brother, Jeremy and family, who drove over from Michigan for the weekend and my aunt and uncle from Wisconsin visiting also. A small family reunion minus Jay....after all someone had to stay home and make the money!!;-) The wedding was beautiful in the River East Arts Center, overlooking the river. Laura didn't forget any details, which I knew she wouldn't. Origami cranes were a theme for the wedding....because Jon folded them for Laura when they started dating. Laura's fifth grade class helped fold over 1,000 cranes. They were breathtaking as her backdrop, pictures do not do them justice.
I am so glad we were able to be there and enjoy not only seeing her and her family, but many old friends from my younger years. Now OUR kids are playing together......are we getting old?????
The ceremony......
Laura walking down the aisle with her parents.

During the ceremony

Happy Mom and Dad(Gretchen and Curt)

The boys finding our cranes which had our names and table number for the dinner! Such an awesome presentation on the bed of grass! We sat with an old friend and her husband and two girls. The boys very quickly warmed up to Shannon and Shelby and soon were playing. (picture follows below)

Outside on the balcony, waiting for the reception.

View from upstairs looking down on the tables.

Gorgeous table settings!

Wedding Cake!

Our good!

Shannon, Shelby, Lane, and Bryce behind the cranes.

Laura and I

The boys and Laura

Playing with the girls

Love this one of the pillow fight between Grandpa and his grandsons!! the Fiesta for the newly married couple!

Swinging in the hammock , Grant and Lane

Tables set for the fiesta!

Grandpa pushing the cousins

The bride and groom playing botche'(sp?) ball.

Sunday after mtg. eating at White Fence Farm with the wedding party and family.
The boys playing old games with the groom, Jon, at White Fence Farm.

Best friends, Gretchen and Mom

Grant eating his first chicken leg!

Being silly with Grandma

The three boys in front of the chicken at White Fence Farm.

St. Louis Arch as we passed by.


Al and Jill said...

Great pictures of a special and memoriable trip!! So fun to be with family and old friends!! :-)

BJKK said...

Neat pictures. That was quite the wedding!