Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Rest of the Story

This is the toy that Bryce fell onto yesterday morning. He was standing in the chair and shot the rocket off, lost his balance and fell directly on top of this wand. It went straight into his mouth puncturing and lacerating two areas in the back of his palate. On area is a long deep cut and the other is just a nickle sized area of flesh missing.
He began to eat more last night after we started using baby Orajel around the areas and eating ice chips. Then he ate two bowls of brown rice and two bowls of cereal. He slept well, despite the fact that we woke him up every four hours to admin. the Lortab. This morning he was ready to eat and did, but wasn't very long and he vomited everything up. A call to the doctor and they prescribed topical Phenegran(applied to the wrist). Lortab often causes nausea, and he still needs to take it! Maybe tomorrow we can start graduating to Ibuprofen.
Extra note: Jay had minor surgery on his foot yesterday to remove a piece of glass. He has stitches and is back at the doctor to be sure all is clear on the X-ray. If not, he will have surgery at the hospital this afternoon. I hope and pray they removed it all yesterday, and so does he. So I have one who can't eat and one who can't walk!!;-) Thank goodness Lane is such a great help!! I hope the summer doesn't continue at this pace, I don't think I can keep up!


Stacy said...

Oh wow, none of that is fun! Hope summer goes smoother after this!

Cindy Hockenjos said...

Bless your heart! That is a freak accident but one that may help others if they read it and pay attention! I'm glad he is eating and things are looking better!