Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun with cousins....

After a long and very rainy week, we headed to the Sci port Children's Museum with my sister-n-law, Gina and her three boys, Gavin, Gannon, and Aiden. My boys love going to see the IMAX movies and playing in the museum exhibits. We have been several times, but it is new all over again every time we go. They do have a few favorites we must do every time, the paddle boat, fish, the steam tornado, and many more. It was fun to share this experience with some of our family this time. Thanks for coming along, we had a great time!

Working hard in the plumbing truck...Bryce is even fanning himself with his hat.
Watching the GIGANTIC mousetrap gizmo in the front entrance. There are over 40 balls traveling through this contraption. They could literally stand and watch it for a good hour or more. I enjoy it myself.....found out this time that each section(there are three) cost $165,000. I think we will just stick with Mousetrap here at home!

Digging for fossils like the palaeontologists we saw in the IMAX movie, "Dinosaurs Alive".

Using the pulleys to lift themselves.

Future Astronaut..Lane

Future Astronaut...Bryce

Working hard on the electrical connections and the pulley.

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