Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today was the 50th day of Kindergarten! The kids and teachers dress up in 50's dress! It is amazing how willingly Bryce got up this morning and was ready to go....funny how something little is such a big deal!! They had a hulla hoop contest, Root Beer floats, Bubble blowing contest, and dancing! What a fun day!
Bryce, Mrs. Ray, and his best friend Braden.
The little guy is such a carbon copy of his daddy, so cute I want to just pinch him(that smirk kills me)!!

Best buddies


Al and Jill said...

Such a cutie!!

Stacy said...

Looks like fun! Really cute.

BJKK said...

What a fun idea!

All American Family said...

aww...how fun! Your school does some pretty cool things - I know you're having a great time with your boys. ;)