Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Wheels!

With some leftover birthday money we purchased Lane a Huffy Green Machine big wheel. We have wanted to get the boys one for quite sometime, but they have been off the market until just recently. Uncle Jeremy and Daddy can remember these as boys and thought they were so awesome. The Green Machine is a little too large for Bryce, so we got him a Radio Flyer Big Flyer. They were out riding this afternoon in the 40' weather, clad with hats and gloves....they love their new wheels!! Uncle Jeremy can't wait to give the Green Machine a spin again at Christmas time. They already have the slid and skid down...didn't take them but a few minutes!!


Jeremy and Lisa said...

so much fun...yes, Jeremy definitely can't wait until we are down there at Christmas to try it out!

Al and Jill said...

Wow!! How fun!! It reminds us of Shauna and Jeremy flying around on their Big Wheels years ago!!:)
Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!
Grandpa and Grandma

All American Family said...

How fun! I remember those from when we were little. I'd forgotten all about them...thanks for the memories. ;)

From TX to you said...

I remember those too! They are a lot of fun! Jesse Hoover has one and the boys always like to go out there and ride it around! Good way for some boys to burn off their energy!

Sheila said...

We got our Bryce a Green Machine last year for Christmas! It's a big hit when we have boys visiting- everyone loves it! :)