Friday, January 8, 2010

Under the weather!

Baby it sure is cold outside, but inside a little one is under the weather! Bryce is the first one in our house to get the flu this year. He started feeling bad yesterday. We were home on a "snow" day that turned into a cold/rain day, but we made the most of it! By last night he had a 102' fever, cough, and sore throat. The doc says he has the "flu" and bronchitis, quite a combination for our little man! He has had his Tamiflu, ibuprofen, and antibiotic and is sacked out in the guest room bed. He likes it there because it is dark and cool, at least that is what he told me! It is going to be a weekend of chicken noodle soup, warm fires and pj's around here! Hope you have wonderful weekend and Monday finds our little man better!


Sheila said...

I hope Bryce is feeling better today! We went through that flu with our Bryce and Cayden and was amazed at how fast the tamiflu worked!

All American Family said...

Ohh. Poor baby. :( Hope he gets better soon!

C & T Bishop Blog said...

Get Well Soon!!