Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back in the game!

Well the month of January has come and gone with lots of sickness for all of us. Bryce went from bad to worse the 2nd week of January and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia for three days. Jay and Lane were sick as well and when the three boys were finally on the mend momma got sick herself!! It has been years, I say years, since I have been that sick. I was in bed for three days coughing, fever, just plan yuck!! I just couldn't seem to kick it and found out I had bronchitis myself. All in all I missed two weeks of school! I felt like I might have to reintroduce myself when I finally returned. Being well is something I now won't take for granted anytime soon.
We spent last weekend with our great friends, David and Kristen Steinbrecher. I didn't take any pictures to speak of. We had a wonderful time just sitting by the fire visiting and letting the kids play. The weather was yucky and it seemed all of our plans were thwarted!! Thanks ya'll for a great time!

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