Saturday, March 20, 2010

A batter, batter!!

We have a ball player on our hands! ( No pun intended :-)) I went and watched Lane's practice this morning and he hit his first ball( and several others) out of the pitching machine, even got to run the bases! So proud of him! I can tell I am going to be the loudest momma yelling for the boys! I just can't help it! It makes the game so much more fun for me and hopefully them!

Waiting on a hit!


Rae said...

Dear 'Ey Batter, Batter,
How fun! I came here from 'All American Family'. Your boys are so cute.

Can't decide if I want to put my boy into anything or not... If I do, I bet I'd be loud too... I don't really do anything quietly!

Nice To Meet You In NE

Al and Jill said...

Looks like a pro!! So cute!!