Friday, March 26, 2010


Jay bought the boys a used 150 CC go-cart from a friend at work this week! After a little work and tuning up, it is running like a charm! They were making laps tonight around the house wearing down a path! Daddy is going to be driving this for awhile yet, just a tad too much power for the boys. They sure loved being the passenger and just riding along! I am not sure who likes it more, the boys or daddy?

Daddy buckling up Bryce.

Daddy and Lane in the field.

Bryce and daddy flying in the field!


Jeremy and Lisa said...

How FUN!! Looks like it is a pretty big one. Jay looks like he is a perfect fit... are you sure he didn't buy it for himself??!! ;-)

Stacy said...

Oh fun!! Did you get a turn yet? :)