Friday, May 21, 2010

Come one, Come all to the Circus!!

Lane was the ringmaster in his 1st grade circus on Thursday. It was too cute with lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, dancers, gymnasts, and bike riders. The student did a wonderful job!! Lane was so excited to be announcing in the circus, I would have panicked if they has asked me to do that! He is his daddy's son in this way for sure!! He sure was the best looking ringmaster I have ever seen!! We sure were proud of him!
The handsome ringmaster!!
A pro at speaking in front of the crowd.....

He looks so much like Jay in this picture. Has to be that squirrelly grin!

The elephants walking the tight rope!

The clowns

The lion tamer and his lions and tigers jumping the ring of fire!

The bike riders

All of Lane's 1st grade class


Jeremy and Lisa said...

What a fun thing to do and congratulations to Lane on being picked to be the ring master! He looks very handsome!

Herod Happenings said...

How funny!! What an awesome fun thing for both kids and parents. Good job, Lane!