Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sure signs of Spring!

There is no doubt that spring has settled here in Louisiana, in fact the past few days feel like summer is coming soon! These are some of the common sights around our house these days. Bryce loves his new Lil' True Temper wheel barrow from Lowe's. He has helped us a bunch with the landscaping, moving dirt here and there. Lane has even asked to help using it too. We have had a good bit of rain each week and our garden is smiling *BIG* over it! The corn is growing by the hour it seems. With 26 potato plants we will have plenty to share come summer. The lettuce and tomatoes are coming along too. Our baby Wrens are busy trying out their wings in the laundry room, with Buster on high alert watching. The boys have sure enjoyed them at every stage...checking on them daily! A lesson through nature is priceless! Baseball season is in full swing, with at least 2 games or more each week. Lane's team is doing well with a 5-1 record. Bryce is disappointed they don't keep score for T-ball. We are hoping he will move up to Lane's division next year and they can be together!

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Al and Jill said...

Garden looks great!! Love you new background and your pretty flowers!!!