Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Branson-part 2

We spent three days at Silver Dollar City! It sure as hot, not much different than home! The boys loved riding the roller coaster and Marvel Cave. The cave was breathtaking and kind of freaky at time, only for this momma! I forgot the camera card in my computer so I only could take a few pictures without it! Great memories with or without the camera! The grounds of SDC was just beautiful, ,making for great photo opportunities!
Waterfall inside Marvel Cave

Water formations in the cave.

Jay and Lane riding Wildfire(they are right in the middle waving), Lane absolutely loved it with its flips and turns! Jay has a riding buddy now!


Lane playing the piano inside one of the historical homes.

Pumping water the old fashion way!

Inside the old school house

The boys getting a lesson

Grandfather's Mansion.....things sure weren't right inside this house! The boys loved it!

The living room was tilted, making you feel so crazy trying to walk!

Bryce and Lane....woohoo!!

Flooded Mine, one of the boys favorite. You shot at targets to earn points!

Huck Fin...this was a wild and wet ride.....everyone had a high powered squirt guns on the boat and then people on the shore could shot at you too! There wasn't much that was dry when we got off!!

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