Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lake Hamilton

Last weekend we spent our time relaxing on the waters of Lake Hamilton, near Hot Springs, AR. The lake is very large and so beautiful. Some of the homes and condos are spectacular! We spent most of our time swimming in the lake. We found a shallow sandbar area that was perfect for the boys to swim and play in and Jay and I just relaxed too. It was a perfect way to end summer!

Near the dam where water is let in from Lake Quachita, the water temp was 50* and the air was down right cold! This resulted in fog that was just above the water.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed jumping off the boat and swimming. They are fish themselves.

Caught this sweet moment as we walked back to the motor home one evening! They are each other's best friend and worst enemy!

We saw lots of geese both in the water and flying. I took this picture just a few hundred feet away from them and the boys were swimming and splashing around them even closer.

Daddy and his fast driving put this one to sleep, not really he was just resting!

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C & T Bishop Blog said...

What a fun vacation! Love the picture of your two little guys holding hands -- Sweet!