Saturday, September 25, 2010

Man's best friend x 2!

This would be Buster, our "oh so laid back" pooch! He was our one and only until he brought home a friend. Jay says he is pretty sure this friend is somehow related to Buster! His long lost "cuz", whom we have named Dan!! He looks some like Buster and is just as easy going too. We like that he actually barks when he hears or sees something, Buster on the other hand lets foxes eat his food. I guess he doesn't mind sharing! The boys love them and the dogs seems to reciprocate that too!


Al and Jill said...

They look like brothers!!! So much alike!!

Jeremy and Lisa said...
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Jeremy and Lisa said...

Now you have the pair from 'Where the red fern grows" except they are 'brothers'. What a said story that was...hopefully not so in this dog story! Look like two great dogs. Maybe we will finally meet them someday